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Treatment Packages

Costs can be a deciding factor when you avail treatment overseas. Keeping this in mind we have ensured you get the best of services and the latest treatment at the best cost. Packaging these services not just saves costs but also ensures your ‘peace of mind’.

Our Treatment packages are at the lowest possible prices without any compromise on clinical quality or treatment outcomes.

Doctor Patient Conference

Distance is no excuse for not having access to a leading specialist of your choice. At Medmonks, we ensure your request for a second opinion or online consultation is fulfilled within the next 12 hours. Knowing there can be language barriers, we also ensure the availability of a certified medical interpreter during such consults.

Second Opinion and a live patient-doctor conference ensure that all patient queries about the proposed treatment are addressed and gives the specialist an opportunity to assess the patient condition.

Medical Travel

Moving outside one’s country to fulfil a medical requirement due to non-availability of the said treatment at home or it is too costly or not covered by medical insurance. What started as a medical vacation has become a matter of life and death for many.

Further, patients anywhere in the world are a very vulnerable group and patients when travelling for medical care are far worse. We at Medmonks understand the felt and unfelt needs of medical travellers and ensure all their needs are taken care of.

Airport Pickup

Trying to figure out a cab service after a long flight can be daunting. This problem is more acute when you land in a country where language is a barrier.

When you book a treatment through Medmonks, be rest assured that the airport pickup and medical interpreter would be taken care of. We further provide you with a pre- activated data-sim card so that you are always connected with your family back home. At Medmonks, the medical journeys are made simple.

24x7 Medical Concierge Service

We understand your uniqueness and hence have round the clock customer support services. This helps us understand the World around and helps us serve you better. This endows us to enhance our service offerings and tailor them to your needs making you feel at home throughout your journey.

We know the importance of robust communication and provide dedicated concierges, 24x7 chat support and daily clinical updates. We also conduct in-depth meetings twice a week for each client to effectively communicate with partners, doctors, patients and families.

Hospitalization and Treatment

The expertise of our team of proficient doctors and healthcare executives helps patients understand the plan of clinical care. Our on-ground team ensures the patients get a seamless experience. Our team of doctors are always in touch with your treating physician to know your treatment plan and explain it to you at every step. We also plan your admission and discharge well in advance to ensure a smooth experience. Our customer relationship team also stays abreast with your hospital billing so that the costs are always within the estimate given.

We are always there by your side for all planned steps of your journey and even otherwise.

Rejuvenation Trip Extension

With a focus on the preventive and spiritual aspect of health, we offer customized packages which are complemented with classic yoga retreats, spa experiences, hot springs and thermal bath trips, cycling vacations and more. We offer these experiences across locations and make a conscious effort to provide rejuvenation and therapeutic sojourns.

After a successful treatment, this rejuvenation trip extension is a natural way to rehabilitate and recuperate while enjoying your well-deserved vacation.

Follow up Care

Staying healthy should not require the effort of travelling back to your specialist or spending a lot of money just to get an opinion. Our follow up care packages guarantee that your specialist will be available at a click of a button, literally! If access to high-speed internet is an issue we also offer chat services and email-based consultation with the doctors.

Our follow-up services include teleradiology, telerehabilitation and delivery of medicines to your doorsteps. We occasionally also arrange screening camps in your home country and contact all our clients well in advance so that they benefit from any such activities, free-of- cost.

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