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Any types of disrupt in the outside world that may influence a person’s life can cause a person to develop a mental health condition. While some mental disorders are psychological, some can also root from hereditary. Different people react to each situation differently; these reactions can be influenced by their social, economic, and cultural status.

When it comes to maintaining well-being, mental health is equally, if not more important than physical health. Unfortunately, most people in society don’t see it that way. Even research suggests that patients receiving therapy, during cancer treatment are able to recover much faster.

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List of Top Psychiatrists in India:

1. Dr Gorav Gupta 

Dr Gorav Gupta, Psychiatrist  

Hospital: Tulasi Psychiatric & Rehab Centre, Delhi

Designation: Senior Psychiatrist │ Addiction Psychiatrist

Experience: 22 Years

Education: MBBS│ MD

Membership: NITI AYOG (Social Welfare created by Delhi government)

Dr Gorav Gupta is associated with Tulasi Psychiatric & Rehab Centre in Delhi, where he works as a senior psychiatrist. The center runs under the guidance of Dr Gorav,which is licensed by Delhi’s State Mental Health Authority.

Dr Gupta delivers treatment facilities for De Addiction, Depression, Eating Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, and personality disorder etc. 

He has treated several Indian and as well as international patients, from countries like Nepal, UK, Canada, Afghanistan and Bhutan.

2. Dr Samir Parikh 

Dr Samir Parikh, psychiatrist  

Hospital: Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi

Designation: Director of Mental Health & Behavioral Sciences Department

Experience: 18 Years

Education: MBBS│ MD │ DPM

Dr Samir Parikh is the Director of the Mental Health & Behavioral Sciences Department at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi. He is amongst the best psychiatrist in India. The Indian psychiatrist uses his in-depth knowledge & understanding of mental health, with his expressive, communicative style to treat patients.

Dr Parikh has written three books, listing ways to help patients cope with the changing environment. While two of these books are concerned with skill building in school going children, the third book “Let Him Not Sink: First Steps to Mental Health” acts as a psychological first-aid for its readers, who are working with children.

3. Dr Sameer Malhotra 

Dr Sameer Malhotra, psychiatrist  

Hospital: Max Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi

Designation: Director of Mental Health & Behavioral Sciences Department

Experience: 23+ Years

Education: MBBS│ MD

Dr Sameer Malhotra is the director of the Mental Health Department at Max Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi. He provides services including stress management, marriage counseling, substance abuse addiction, OCD Treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Adolescent Medicine

Dr Malhotra provides comprehensive services concerning all aspects of human mental health, catering treatment facilities to age groups and segments of society.

4. Dr Ajit Dandekar 

Dr Ajit Dandekar, psychiatrist  

Hospital: Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai

Designation: Honorary Psychiatrist

Experience: 31 Years

Education: MBBS │ MD │ DPM

Dr Ajit Dandekar is associated with Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital in Mumbai, where he works as a honorary psychiatrist.

Being one of the top 10 psychiatrists in India, Dr Dandekar provides 360-degree mental healthcare services, including depression counselling, psychotherapy, psychosocial rehabilitation, stress management counselling, and stress management. 

Dr Ajit is a member of the Indian Psychiatric Society and Andheri Medical Association.

5. Dr Murali Raj 

Dr Murali Raj, Pyschiatrist  

Hospital: Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

Designation: Consultant│ Psychiatry

Experience: 35 Years

Education: MBBS│ DNB│ DPM

Dr Murali Raj is amongst the top mental health specialist in India, who is currently working at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore as consulting psychiatrist. Dr Raj’s area of interest lie in treating personality and eating disorders. He also provides stress management services and addiction counseling.

He is actively involved with mental health awareness causes and spreads awareness about the importance of mental health in India.

6. Dr Vishal Chhabra 

Dr Vishal Chhabra, Pyschiatrist 

Hospital: Fortis Hospital, Delhi

Designation: Senior Consultant│ Psychiatric Department

Experience: 17 Years

Education: MBBS │ DNB│ DPM

Dr Vishal Chhabra is the senior consultant of the Psychiatric department at Fortis Hospital and Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital in New Delhi.

He is amongst the best Indian psychiatrist, who provides following services: Suicidal Behavior, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment, Nicotine/Tobacco De-addiction Treatment, Alcohol De-addiction Therapy, Schizophrenia Treatment, Anger Management, Bipolar Disorder Treatment, Anxiety Disorders Treatment, Abnormal, Unusual, Depression Treatment, Strange Behavior and treatment of Adolescent Problems.

Dr Vishal’s caring attitude towards his patients helps him get the best reviews from his patients.

7. Dr Vasantha Jayaraman 

Dr Vasantha Jayaraman, Pyschiatrist 

Hospital: Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai

Designation: Senior Consultant of the Psychiatry Department

Experience: 26 Years

Education: MBBS│ DNB│ DPM

Dr Vasantha Jayaraman is the senior consultant of the Mental Health Department at Gleneagles Global Hospitals in Chennai.

She provides rehabilitation therapy to patients who have undergone malignant medical conditions. She also has a lot of experience dealing with chronic mental illness. She is amongst the few psychiatrists in Chennai, who provides therapy for both adults and children.

She is a member of the Indian Psychiatric Society and The Indian Medical Academy.

8. Dr Mrinmay Kumar Das 

Dr Mrinmay Kumar Das, Pyschiatrist 

Hospital: Jaypee Hospital, Delhi NCR

Designation: Senior Consultant│ Department of Behavioral Sciences

Experience: 24 Years

Education: MBBS │ MD │CCST (UK)

Dr Mrinmay Kumar Das is the senior consultant of the Behavioral Science Department at Jaypee Hospital in Delhi NCR. Dr Kumar’s area of interests includes treatment of mood disorder, relationship counseling, psychological problems, psychosexual disorders, personality disorder, CBT and relationship counseling.

He is actively involved in finding new treatment approaches to manage and cure behavioral mental disorders.

9. Dr Vipul Rastogi 

Dr Vipul Rastogi, Pyschiatrist 

Hospital: Medanta The Medicity, Delhi NCR

Designation: Consultant│ Institute of Neurosciences

Experience: 12 Years

Education: MBBS │ MSc

Dr Vipul Rastogi currently works at Medanta-The Medicity, Delhi NCR as an Associate Consultant of Behavioral Neurology & Psychiatry Department.

His interests include neuropsychiatry and management of mental disorders, that are secondary to Parkinson’s Disorder, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Injuries and Dementia.

He is also a member of the General Medical Council and Medical Council of India. His techniques include holistic treatment approaches and the use of medication for providing comprehensive psychological care to patients with psychological, mental disorders.

10. Dr Manish Jain 

Dr Manish Jain, Pyschiatrist  

Hospital: BLK Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi

Designation: Psychiatrist

Experience: 13 Years

Education: MBBS│ MD

Dr Manish Jain is, without a doubt, one of the best psychiatrists in India, who is currently associated with BLK Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi. He works as the consulting psychiatrist at the hospital.

He has used his knowledge to spread awareness about several psychological conditions like panic attacks, OCD, Drug addiction, etc., which you can read about in several publications. He is also invited to several conferences to share his treatment techniques.

Dr Jain’s specialization includes Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Marital problems and general adult psychiatry.

In 2016, it was reported that 43.7 million adults in the USA experienced a psychiatric condition.  And since then these numbers have been increasing significantly. Ever since the recession, the US has seen an increase in this number.

Mental Health has become a major concern around the world. Especially for developing countries like Africa, where the population still struggles to fight off the legacy of slavery, poverty and discrimination. 


People often turn to substance abuse or alcohol and drugs to deal with their issues instead of getting help, that can turn into an addiction. A psychiatrist helps patient through all types of mental distresses, including addiction, family problems, health problems, mental disorders, social identity crisis etc. Everyone requires psychiatric help to a certain degree today.

However, the fee of psychiatrists is very expensive, and cannot be afforded by everyone. And in most cases, the cost of mental health therapy is not covered, by the healthcare insurance providers. Due to this, patients travel abroad and receive consultation from the top psychiatrists in India.

And even if the cost is covered under insurance, the waiting time can prevent the patients from receiving treatment on time, and in some cases, it can be too late. 


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