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Glaucoma Treatment in India

What is Glaucoma?

Increase in the fluid pressure of the eye. The optic nerve is made of numerous nerve fibres that help in the process of transmission of visual signals from the eyes to the brain. Once the brain receives signals from the eyes and processes the images, it becomes easier for the person to perceive those images. If there occurs any damage to the optic nerve, that directly affects the process of transmission of visual signals. The quality of the vision of the patient diminishes as there exist disturbance in the process of signal transmission to the brain.

Glaucoma Surgery in India

The basic characteristic of glaucoma is the loss of nerve tissue or nerve fibres within the optic nerve. People with increased fluid pressure inside the eye develop glaucoma. But, that necessarily does not imply that that person with increased fluid pressure is suffering from glaucoma. People with normal intraocular pressure have good chances to develop glaucoma. That is again dependent on the factor like increased pressure inside the eye for a particular optic nerve.

The advanced form of glaucoma may lead to a complete or permanent loss of vision.

Types of Glaucoma

There are many types of Glaucoma, but the two main types of glaucoma are-

  1. Open-angle Glaucoma
  2. Angle-closure Glaucoma

Open-angle Glaucoma

It is the most common form of glaucoma which accounts for at least 90% of all cases.

  • It is caused by the slow clogging of the drainage canals, resulting in increased eye pressure.
  • Patient starts to have wide angle between the cornea and the iris.
  • Patient starts to show symptoms and damage that were not noticed earlier.

Angle-closure Glaucoma

It is a less common form of glaucoma. It is also known as acute glaucoma or narrow-angle glaucoma.

Angle-closure is caused by blocked drainage canals that results in the sudden rise of intraocular pressure.

Candidate with angle-closure glaucoma have closed or narrow angle between the iris and cornea.

It develops very quickly and suddenly.

Symptoms are easily noticeable.

People with angle-closure glaucoma demands immediate medical attention.

Leading Causes of Glaucoma

The exact causes that lead to Glaucoma are still not categorized. But the majority of cases are classified as primary or secondary glaucoma.

Primary Glaucoma – When there is no specific cause that can be linked to the condition of the patient that is known as Primary Glaucoma.

Secondary Glaucoma – When the specific cause can be linked to the condition of the patient that is known as Secondary Glaucoma. Some of the direct causes are as follows-

  1. Diabetes
  2. Tumour
  3. Advanced Cataract
  4. Inflammation

Signs and Symptoms of Glaucoma

Candidates with closed-angle glaucoma may experience the mentioned signs and symptoms-

  1. Blurred Vision
  2. Severe pain in the glaucoma eye
  3. Nausea and Vomiting
  4. Redness in the glaucomic eye
  5. Halo-like glow around the affected eye
  6. Vision problems, especially in dim light

Treatment of Glaucoma

Treatment of Open-angle glaucoma-For the candidates suffering from open-angle glaucoma the treatment is required on an emergency basis. Firstly, to reduce the pain in the eye medication is provided to the patient. Then, the procedure which is known as Iridotomy is conducted in order to reduce the pressure inside the eye. In order to make the fluid enter the optical drainage system a hole is created in the eye. Iridotomy is mostly performed on both the eyes even when only one of them is affected. That is done because there are good chances that glaucoma spreads to the other eye as well sooner or later.

Treatment of Closed-angle glaucoma

  1. Eye Drop
  2. Trabeculoplasty
  3. Viscocanalostomy
  4. Aqueous Shunt Implant
  5. Cyclophotocoagulation
  6. Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Implant

Cost Comparison of Glaucoma Eye Treatment

Best Eye-care healthcare providers in India

Factors like cost-effectiveness, low waiting time, proficient specialists, good aftercare, travel connectivity, availability of language translators, food, accommodation, and high success rate absorb the attention of the patients travelling from various parts of the world to India for eye care procedures.

Best Hospitals in India for treatment of Glaucoma

  1. Medanta Medcity, New Delhi
  2. Artemis Hospital, New Delhi
  3. Centre for Sight, New Delhi
  4. MAX Healthcare, Saket
  5. Shankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital, Chennai
  6. Gleneagles Global, Chennai
  7. Kokilaben Dhrirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute, Mumbai
  8. Spectra Eye Hospital, New Delhi
  9. Search Hospitals Click Here

Best Ophthalmologists in India for treatment of Glaucoma

  1. Dr. LD Sota, MAX Super Speciality Hospital (New Delhi)
  2. Dr. (Maj) V Raghavan, Apollo Speciality Hospital, Teynampet
  3. Dr. Nitin S Shetty, Manipal Hospital, HAL Airport Road
  4. Dr. Mohan R Mithare, Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road
  5. Dr. Gp Capt (Prof) RJ Vevai, Columbia Asia Hospital, Bangalore
  6. Dr. Anita Sethi, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
  7. Dr. Cyrus Shroff, Shroff Eye Center, Kailash Colony
  8. Dr. Noshir Shroff, Shroff Eye Center, Kailash Colony
  9. Dr. Sonika Gupta, MAX Saket
  10. Search Ophthalmologists Here

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