Spinal Instability by Dr. Puneet Girdhar | BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital



Country: Tanzania

Condition: Spine Problems

Treatment: Spinal Instability

Doctor: Dr Puneet Girdhar

Hospital: BLK Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi

Mrs. Grace Maurice Mhagama from Tanzania suffered from severe lower back pain, which hindered her daily life. After ineffective treatments, she came to BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital and met Dr. Puneet Girdhar, Principal Director & Head, Orthopedic Spine Surgery. Diagnosed with spinal instability at L4-5 and coccydynia, she underwent a robotic minimally invasive spinal procedure, finding relief immediately. Within 10 days, she was pain-free and independent. Dr. Puneet and the hospital's team received heartfelt appreciation for their care.

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