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knee replacement

Why is knee replacement surgery performed?

Knee replacement in India, also known as arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure conducted to repair the damage caused to the knee joints. The damage is triggered by osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, which are the two most common and severe forms of arthritis.

People requiring knee replacement usually have a problem walking straight, climbing stairs, and getting in and out of chairs. They may also experience moderate or severe knee pain at rest. Knee replacement surgery has been proven to help individuals return back to moderately challenging activities such as golf, cycling, and swimming.

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What are the benefits of knee replacement surgery?

Knee replacement is a routine surgery performed on over 600,000 people worldwide each year. The best knee surgery hospitals in India report a very high success rate, with 9 out of 10 people experiencing immediate pain relief and more than 95 percent of the patients reporting complete satisfaction with the procedure.

During knee replacement, the damaged knee joint and adjoining affected part of the bone is replaced with an artificial joint for better mobility. The artificial joint is also called as a prosthesis. The prosthetic implants vary greatly in design, fixation, and material used. They are made either of metal, plastic, or ceramic. The prosthetic implant is attached to the thigh bone, shin bone, and kneecap with a special bone cement or screws.

Other than knee Surgery in India, hip and other joint replacement in India is equally popular among medical tourists. All these surgeries are conducted by highly experienced orthopedic surgeons at almost all reputed multi-specialty hospitals.

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What are the types of Knee Replacement?

There are four types of knee arthroplasty procedures performed by almost every knee surgery hospitals in India, which include:

Total Knee Replacement

This procedure is recommended for patients who face persistent joint pain that disable th em from performing daily tasks, by interrupting how they live their life. If the patient’s knee pain starts to disturb their sleep, making it difficult for the patient even to bend their knees, then this is a permanent solution to get rid of it. Today, 90% of people in the world who have undergone TRO has experienced a drastic improvement in their knee function and pain.

Partial Knee Replacement

This is a smaller procedure compared to total knee replacement, which is used to restore the functionality of a particular compartment of knees. It is used for improving the partial damage on the knee. The procedure constructs a sufficient range of stability and motion in the knee allowing it move without any pain. PKR also takes less time to recover than TKR.

Knee-cap Replacement

Aka PatellofemoralArthroplasty is performed for surgical treating the damaged caused on the knee due to an injury or degeneration because of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, or post-traumatic effects of arthritis. 

Complex/Revision Knee Replacement

This procedure is used for correcting the position of an already installed knee prosthesis. The installed knee prosthesis can become loose, when the joint bears any heavyweight while running or walking that can cause inflammation between the Knee Joints, forcing the implants to move from their original position.

The requirement for a knee replacement can arise in only one knee or both the knees depending on the situation. Single knee replacement is known as unilateral knee replacement, while double knee replacement is known as bilateral knee replacement.

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What is the Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in India?

The cost of knee replacement in India is less in comparison to other countries in the USA, Singapore, and the UK. Owing to this, there has been a noteworthy upswing in the number of foreign visitors traveling to India for knee replacement each year, in addition to other orthopedic treatment and procedures.

The cost of knee replacement surgery in India starts at USD 4000.

Price does not seem to be the only determinant in making India the most sought-after destination for knee replacement. Factors such as availability of advanced medical procedures, world-class facilities at hospitals and clinics, latest machines in healthcare, and highly skilled surgeons, doctors, and physiotherapists add up to the popularity.

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Why does the cost of knee replacement in India vary across hospitals?

The cost of knee replacement in India varies widely among different hospitals. The final cost of knee surgery in India depends on several factors, including the following:

  • The type of implant and the surgical approach
  • The hospital and the city
  • Expertise of the surgeon
  • Number of days spent in the hospital
  • Pre-operative and post-operative costs
  • Cost of medications for pain relief
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation cost
  • Incidental costs

When all these costs are taken into consideration, the total cost of knee replacement for a single knee may range between USD4000 and USD6000. On the other hand, the average price for single knee replacement in the US is around USD30,000.

Thus, traveling to India proves to be cost-effective for medical tourists. If both the knees are to be replaced, the price differential will be approximately 35 percent or more. The average cost of bilateral knee replacement in India ranges between USD6500 and USD9000. The same procedure costs around USD55,000 in the US.

Based on the above cost comparison, it can be determined that medical tourists coming to India for knee replacement save over 70 percent of the money even after including travel and stay expenditure. For a lot of medical travelers, travel to India turns out to be a mini vacation as the country is also one of the top tourism destinations.

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How many days do I have stay at the hospital for my knee replacement in India?

A bilateral knee replacement can be carried out in a single sitting (simultaneous bilateral knee replacement) or two separate sittings (staged bilateral knee replacement). The approach selected to conduct the surgery depends on patient’s health and the condition of the joints.

In a staged procedure, both knee replacement surgeries are performed as two separate surgical events several months apart. In such a procedure, patients need to stay in the hospital twice and have to go through rehabilitation after each surgery. Hence the overall knee replacement cost in India automatically increases.

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Do the best knee replacement hospitals in India provide rehabilitation therapy?

A stay of three to five days in the hospital is required to undergo the complete knee replacement treatment. This includes one day for the procedure, followed by post-operative rehabilitation for the rest of the days. Patients are generally called afterward for physiotherapy sessions that last over a period of two weeks. This may cost an additional USD300 to USD500.

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Why should I come to India for my knee replacement surgery?

The best knee surgery hospitals in India offer attractive packages to patients from around the world. These packages cover hospital stay, surgeon fees, drugs and consumables, patient’s meals, nursing charges, and equipment usage charges, in addition to other facilities. Medmonks ensures that all the patients who avail their services not just get the best of medical care but also lucrative discounts on the packages offered by the Best Knee Surgery Hospitals in India.

If you are considering to travel to India for knee replacement, it is advised that you take the services of a reputed medical service provider like Medmonks to avoid any kind of inconvenience. An established medical service provider helps you connect with top NABH and JCI accredited knee surgery hospitals in India, get an opinion from multiple surgeons, obtain medical visa documentation, and provides 24X7 support once you are in India and arrange all your logistics and stay.

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Where can I find the best knee replacement hospitals in India?

The Delhi regions are self-sufficient with respect to social infrastructure and other civic amenities. In addition, there is no dearth of multispecialty hospitals in these cities. In recent years, a huge rush of big world-class private hospitals that have mushroomed across these cities has been recorded.

Foreign medical traveler’s searching for knee replacement in India with best implants at affordable prices ends in Delhi. The knee surgery cost in Delhi at one of the best knee surgery hospital in India starts at just USD5000. Which means that one saves close to 80 percent of the price paid for the same surgery in the Western countries.

In the NCR region, Gurgaon has emerged as a medical hub of India because of its close proximity to the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport and also because of the availability of some of the finest doctors across all specialties.

Gurgaon also known as Satellite Township of India is full of some of the exceptional hotels. Besides, there are excellent housing facilities such as service apartments available at affordable prices and within close proximity to most leading knee surgery hospitals in Delhi.

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Which are Best Knee Surgery Hospitals in India?

A number of patients from both India and abroad have been approaching the top knee surgery hospitals in India for their orthopedic concerns. These hospitals are backed by experienced orthopedic doctors and physical therapists along with the latest technology.

The best knee surgery hospitals in India conduct knee replacement procedure successfully at an affordable price. They focus on the latest techniques and keep patient safety at their center of operations. The treatment is at par with current international standards and conduct minimally invasive surgery that accounts for less pain, minimized blood loss, reduced risk of infection, better surgical outcome, and faster recovery.

The top knee surgery hospitals in India are located in almost all the metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Pune. Other than these cities, there are some renowned knee surgery hospitals in Gurgaon, Nagpur, Kerala, Goa, Jaipur, and Chandigarh as well.

All multispecialty hospitals located in Delhi and other metropolitan cities offer knee replacement treatment. Some of the top names among these are Artemis, Medanta, Fortis, Max Super Speciality, BLK Super-Speciality Hospital and Indraprastha Apollo.

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What are the advanced surgical procedures available in India?

To conclude, minimally invasive procedures, arthroscopic procedures, navigational surgery and da Vinci robotic surgery is now available in India. Medmonks ensures that you have direct access to the hospitals offering these procedures. The hospitals have chosen by Medmonks comply with the international quality standards, making them at par with hospitals in developed countries.

Most of the best hospitals in India are now approved and listed with international medical insurance providers, which further makes India a compelling candidate for knee replacement and other medical procedures.

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