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Joint pain is a universal condition that affects most people after a certain age. Some people might experience it at higher intensity because of underlying medical conditions or arthritis. Injuries and congenital deformities are some other reasons why a patient might be recommended to undergo knee replacement surgery.

According to studies, 98% of patients who undergo knee replacement surgery from a reputed center are able to get rid of their joint pain and achieve better control of their motion.

30 – 40% of patients who undergo joint replacement surgery in Africa, end up requiring revision surgery. There are limited orthopedic surgeons and medical centers in the country, some of which are still using traditional methods for performing the operation that can increase the risk of infection as they require bigger incisions that take longer to recover.

However, Indian knee replacement surgeons specialize in performing all types of joint replacement surgeries, using minimally invasive techniques that help patients recover faster.

Patients can use this list of the best knee surgeons in India and contact Medmonks book an online appointment today.

Top 10 Knee Replacement Surgeons in India

Dr Bhushan Nariani

Dr Bhushan Nariani

Hospital: BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi

Designation: Director of Joint Replacement Department

Experience: 23+ Years

Education: MBBS │ MS (Orthopedics)│ Fellowships (Joint Replacement Surgery│ Impaction Bone Grafting│ Arthroplasty)

Dr Bhushan Nariani is presently associated with BLK Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi, where he works as the director of Joint Replacement Center.

Dr Nariani has also worked at Indian Spinal Injuries Hospital in New Delhi as the Chief Joint Replacement Surgeon.

His special interests include biliary/ total/ revision joint replacement surgery (Knee & Hip), trauma surgery, and joint reconstruction surgery. He prefers using the latest computer-assisted navigation system during the procedures. Dr Bhushan is known for performing 900 plus replacement operations every year.

Dr R K Pandey

Dr R K Pandey

Hospital: Venkateshwar Hospital, New Delhi

Designation: Senior Consultant│ Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Center

Experience: 16+ Years

Education: MBBS │ MS (Orthopedics)│ M.Ch (Orthopedics)

Dr R K Pandey is amongst the top knee replacement surgeons in India, who is currently working at Venkateshwar Hospital, Delhi as a Senior Consultant of Joint Replacement Center. Till date, Dr R K has done 3000 plus primary and revision knee and hip replacement surgeries.

Dr Pandey has also worked at Orthonova Hospital, Rockland Hospital, Safdarjung Hospital and ADIVA Hospital.

Dr Ashok Rajgopal

Dr Ashok Rajgopal

Hospital: Medanta-The Medicity, Delhi NCR

Designation: Chairman of Bone Disorders & Joint Institute

Experience:  24 + Years

Education: MBBS│ MS (Ortho)│ M.Ch (Ortho)│ FIMSA│ FRCS

Awards: Lifetime Achievement Award (2016)│ Dr BC Roy Award (2014)│  Padma Shri Award (2014)│ Knee Ratna Award (2002)│ Bharat Shiromani Award (2008)

Dr Ashok Rajgopal is the current group chairman of Orthopedics and Musculoskeletal Disorders Institute at Medanta-The Medicity in Delhi NCR.

Dr Rajgopal specializes in performing knee surgery, arthroplasty surgeries, and joint replacement surgery.

Dr Ashok Rajgopal is amongst the most experienced knee replacement surgeons in India, who has performed 30,000 plus knee replacement operations, and 15000 arthroscopic procedures for ligament reconstruction and repairs.

Dr Ashok performed the first:

gender implant surgery (designed exclusively for female patients)

bilateral knee replacement surgery

TKR using patient-specific equipment

TKR using a minimally invasive technique


Dr Sunil M Shahane

Dr Sunil Shahne

Hospital: Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai

Designation: Orthopedic Surgeon

Experience: 23+ Years

Education: MBBS│ MS (Ortho)│ M.Ch (Ortho)│ Fellowship (Joint Replacement & Arthritis)

Awards: John Monk Prize

Dr Sunil Shahane is currently associated with Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital in Mumbai where he works as a senior orthopedic surgeon.

The doctor specializes in performing joint replacement surgeries and arthroscopic surgeries.

Dr (Prof) Ravi Sauhta

Dr Ravi Sauhta

Hospital: Artemis Hospital, Delhi NCR

Designation: Chief & HOD of Joint Replacement & Orthopedics Department

Experience: 30+ Years

Education: MBBS│ MS (Ortho)│ M.Ch (Ortho)

Dr Ravi Sauhta currently works at Artemis Hospital where he works as the HOD and Chief of Orthopedics department.

Dr Ravi Sauhta has performed more than 30,000 plus successful surgeries in his two-decade career.

He has vast experience in providing treatment for trauma, performing spine, reconstruction surgeries, pelvic-acetabular surgery, bone tumor surgery and other joint replacement surgeries. 

Dr Sauhta has also worked at Aryan Hospital, Umkal Hospital, Saraswati Hospital, Pushpanjali Hospital and Paras Hospital.

Dr Sunil G Kini

Dr Sunil G Kini

Hospital: Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

Designation: Consultant│ Orthopedics Department

Experience: 18+ Years

Education: MBBS│MS│ DNB│ MRCS│ M.Ch    

Awards: Thailand Ambassadorship 2014

Dr Sunil G Kini is amongst the best Indian Knee replacement surgeons, who is currently working at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore as a consulting joint replacement surgeon.

Dr Kini has performed 1500 plus arthroscopy surgeries and over 2000 total & bilateral joint replacement surgeries. 

He is amongst the few doctors in Karnataka who are trained to perform Arthroscopy procedures. Dr Sunil has a special interest in treating sports injuries.


Dr Kesavan A R

Dr Kesavan A R

Hospital: Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai

Designation: Senior Consultant│ Orthopedics

Experience: 22 Years

Education: MBBS│ MS (Ortho)

Dr Kesavan A R is the senior consultant of the orthopedics department at Gleneagles Global Hospital in Chennai.

Dr Kesavan played an instrumental role in introducing MIOT Institute for Hip disorder treatment, pioneering programs for reconstructive surgeries and launched protocols at the center.

He provides joint replacement and correction treatment services to patients of age groups. The doctor has vast experience in taking care of complex traumatic injuries.

Dr A R has done his super specialization in acetabular and pelvic reconstructive surgery.

Dr Narayan Hulse

Dr Narayan Hulse

Hospital: Fortis Hospital, Bangalore

Designation: Consultant│ Orthopedics

Experience: 20+ years

Education: MBBS│ MS (Ortho)│ DNB (Ortho)│ MRCS

Awards: Lupin Gold Medal (2002) │ M Natarajan Gold Medal (2002)

Dr Narayan Hulse is the current consultant of the orthopedics department at Fortis Hospital in Bangalore.

Dr Hulse is a member of Bangalore Orthopedic Society and Indian Orthopedic Association. Before Fortis, he used to work at Hosmat Hospital, and NHS Hospital (UK)

Dr Subhash Jangid

Dr Subhash Jangid

Hospital: Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Delhi NCR

Designation: Director of Bone and Joint Surgery/ Orthopedics

Experience: 22 Years

Education: MBBS│ MS (Ortho)│ DNB (Ortho)

Dr Subhash Jangid is the director of the orthopedic surgery department at Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Delhi.

Dr Subhash has also worked at SN Medical College (Rajasthan), Ortho Joint and Primus Super Speciality Hospital (Delhi).

Dr Jangid is amongst the handful of medical professionals in India, who can perform surgeries using NAV 3, which is a computer navigation system used during joint replacement surgery. The technique allows patients to recover much faster.

Dr Madhu Kiran Yarlagadda

Dr Madhu Kiran Yarlagadda

Hospital: Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Designation: Consultant│ Orthopedics

Experience: 6+ Years

Education: MBBS │ MS (Ortho)│ FMISS│ FISS (SG)

Dr Madhu Kiran Yarlagadda is a well-known joint replacement surgeon in India, who works at Apollo Hospital in Chennai, as a consulting orthopedic surgery doctor.

Dr Kiran has also trained in performing spine surgery. Some of his special interests include knee osteotomy, elbow replacement, ACL reconstruction, arthroplasty, neck and spine biopsy etc.

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