Wockhardt Hospital Surgeon makes world record: Removes 1.7 Kg Gallbladder Cyst



A Mumbai doctor recently set a world record for removing the largest gallbladder cyst surgically. Dr Imran Shaikh a gastroenterologist and consultant of liver transplant surgery at Wockhardt Hospital in Maharashtra has made history by removing the largest gallbladder Cyst.

He operated a 58-year-old patient named Girish Mane. The lump was present in the right side of the patient’s abdomen for almost 25 plus years, which caused him acute stomach pain.

Mane was diagnosed with a minor swell in his abdomen around 20 years ago, which was ignored by his doctors at that time. However, the swelling kept on growing and became so worse overtime that it caused complications in his digestive system, resulting in abdominal discomfort.

The cyst was 36. 57 cm long and weighed almost 1.7 kg, it was filled with 370 ml fluid. A normal gallbladder only grows 6 - 7 cm and can hold maximum liquid of 25 ml.

Mane was discharged from the hospital within a few days after the surgery, and no health issues were diagnosed.

Dr Jeevan Kankaria, held the existing record for removing a gall bladder cyst measuring 30 cm which she performed in 2010 on Suman Rao’s stomach.

Source: https://goo.gl/KEoRLn

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